At VIP Pre-school, we offer fantastic day nursery services to children, from baby and toddler to older. We run two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. If your child requires supervision for the whole day, we’re able to arrange this, and can even cover lunchtime. Every member of our team is fully qualified in child care and first aid trained. Your children are fully safeguarded while here, and our kindergarten environment allows them to develop into great young people.

We’re based in Harlow, Essex, so call us today to enquire further.

We follow the learning guidelines for preschools to ensure that all children have the right criteria and develop in the way set out by the government. It is our belief that the children learn best when having fun, so we teach our children how to learn through playing. All children are in a safe and secure environment with us, and safety is the most important thing for this preschool.

Our large garden area is fully equipped for your children, and we offer outside learning to engage them further. When children are having fun they often learn more, and we love to see children having fun with us.

We offer an after school and holiday club for children aged up to 11 years, where we are happy to collect your child from school if at all possible. Our staff have a wide range of experience to help your child with any school tasks, homework or projects. We offer a variety of activities to suit children of all ages, ensuring each child’s mind is stimulated and are happy in our environment.

We charge £6 an hour.