VIP Activities

We offer a wide range of activities for our children, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to express themselves and find different activities that they love and enjoy their time with us. Our staff members are always present to take extra care of your child, helping and empowering them to engage and form friendships with their peers.


Storytelling helps characters come to life, encouraging children to learn and explore aspects of the book more enthusiastically. Storytelling is detrimental to both children’s growth and development, as they can relate to feelings expressed in stories. Children can also relate to several experiences I’m books, such as going to school, going on holidays, doctor and dentist trips. Storytelling can also help children widen and develop their imagination skills, even more so through the use of our story sacks.

Imaginative Play


We offer our children a wide variety of imaginative play options, from dressing up as a police officer, pirate, doctor, dentists, vets or recreating their home experiences. We actively encourage children to explore their imagination and be who they want to be. By doing so children form friendships, develops their communication and language skills.

Arts and Crafts

Arts, crafts and mark making is the foundation to building the necessary fine motor skills we need to write, type and draw. At VIP Pre-School we have huge selection of resources, materials and equipment to help support children in developing these skills. Through mark making children are able to express themselves through their art and imagination, bringing it to life on paper.

Sensory Play

It is detrimental to children to explore their senses of smell, touch, hearing and taste using a range of resources. We use a variety of resources, from sand, water, orbies, jelly, cereal, soil and more. These activities help children to develop their scientific processes, whilst exploring and investigating.


There is nothing better than children bringing their imagination to life. Children often do this through construction activities, creating models, developing mathematical skills, which can be seen in balancing blocks etc. We encourage our children to express themselves and their imagination, supporting them in many ways, from providing their desired resources or playing alongside them in their games.


Welsh class is offered to all children and taught by our Welsh manager. Children learn to sing, count and everyday phrases in Welsh that is incorporated in games and activities, helping children to enjoy learning new languages and aid their understanding.

Life Skills

From feeding, dressing ourselves and holding a spoon, we encourage children to take part in activities that promote and develop independence. Our children are encouraged to help set the tables for lunch, tidy up the toys, wash their own hands, pour their own drinks and dress themselves. Our staff are on hand to help children with all these activists, helping our little ones develop and build their confidence.


Twice a week we offer PE lessons to our children, supporting their physical development. We implement many different activities from football, obstacle courses, rugby, gymnastics, running and much more. Our children love these lessons and being able to run around and take part in their favourite physical activities.

Some of our PE session take place in our spacious outdoor areas, especially during the summer and dry days.