Our Garden

Mud Kitchen

Here at VIP Nursery and Pre-School, we love getting messy and having fun, incorporating this into our outdoor garden space, where the children can explore textures, make mud cakes and become fully immersed in their role play, whether this is construction, baking or whatever direction the children’s imagination takes them.

We strive to make this space as spacious, stimulating and exciting as possible to support our children’s imagination, whilst encouraging their development physically, creatively and emotionally in a way that encourages social skills and progress in their personal and social development.

We have a natural wooden sink area where the children can use water to create mud pies, wash their ‘dishes’, used for washing their construction tools, whilst the water trough supplies clean water daily, allowing them to experiment by mixing both water and mud together to make different textures and consistencies.

Natural Garden with Natural Resources

This is our natural resource area, where the terrain is created using a range of different natural products, these being bark and rubber, making for a softer and more durable floor for children to explore, whilst being kinder on our children with any falls, rather than concrete or tarmac.

We have a range of toys and apparatus in this area, including a house for the children to play house, police officers, firemen and so on, where they often incorporate this with the mud kitchen when playing a family type role play. We also have a smaller climbing frame suitable for our younger children with a large sit in sandpit, allowing children to explore further, whilst also having a number of rubber tyres which encourage children to jump, avoid obstacles and other physical activities involved with their physical development. This is located near our basketball hoop and ball storage, where the children will often play football and other ball games in this wonderful new area.

Climbing Frame

The climbing frame in our natural area has been custom made for VIP Nursery and Pre-School, where it consists of a rope bridge, slide and tower, where the children love playing kings and queens of the castle and looking down at their peers. This has been made fully safe through the use of high sides, preventing the children from falling over or through the sides. This apparatus is made fully from wood and other natural resources, in keeping with our forest school approach, which was praised highly by OFSTED for being a fantastic piece of equipment rarely seen in private Nurseries and preschools.

Our Learning Environment

Here at VIP Nursery and Pre-school, we pride ourselves on what we can offer, continuously looking at how we can improve and enrich our setting further to support our children in their learning and development. We are so fortunate to have such an open, colourful and exciting garden and indoor learning environment and we are so proud of what we have achieved so far.

It is important that a child is stimulated and challenged, with ample opportunities for them to learn and grow, take risks and become more resilient to tasks they find difficult.

We strive to change our learning environment on a regular basis, ensuring that children have new areas to explore, where children can find more learning opportunities and to enhance their imagination even further.