We value all our feedback from our children, parents and staff, using this to help us to improve and be more effective in our practice.

E. Todd – 10-09-2020

VIP nursery have made Ronnie’s transition into child care really easy. He seems so happy and is eating & sleeping well there. I am always kept updated with photos and he’s always off having a lovey time! Really pleased.

L. Taylor – 10-09-2020

All of the ladies at VIP are very friendly and have worked amazingly with my son. They put me at ease and even though when he first started he was upset leaving me he soon loved it. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend VIP to friends and family.

S. Antoniades – 20-09-2020

Highly recommend VIP Pre-School. Both my children have been going there for a few years now. It’s safe and friendly environment where they have both had lots of fun. The lovely ladies there have helped develop my son so he was ready for school, although my son is now ready for school it was a sad day to see him leave full time VIP Pre-School. Both my children will continue to go there during the holidays and they look forward to going back each time. Can’t thank the ladies enough for all their help and support.

H. Murray – 20-09-2020

VIP Pre-School is one big family! My kids have been going to VIP for 3 years now; after school and full-time and myself and the kids could not be happier with the service. All the staff are amazing and I trust them completely. The children are never bored, there is always something going on at VIP that’s educational but fun at the same time. Unlike other nurseries I have sent my kids to, management is so approachable, flexible and they try to help where possible. I would 100% recommend VIP.

“I love going to VIP, I think it’s amazing and I love Di-Di, Darci, Shaleen and Morgan.” – Shilah, 8 years.

“I love when Di Di picks me up after school and takes me to VIP as I get to see my brother and friends.” – Ziggy, 6 years

“Rudy” – Nova, 21 months

C. Tournier – 20-09-2020

My daughter as been attending VIP Nursery for just over a year now and it makes me quite emotional every time I think about how much she has developed. Before London was quite a reserved character, but that soon changed after she joined the nursery! Not one day has gone by where she hasn’t come out of the nursery smiling and always has stories to tell me about her day. London is growing brighter every day and I am so proud and its mostly down to the amazing workers at VIP Nursery. I was very worried about taking her to nursery on her first day as I didn’t want to let my baby go, but the girls have taken London in with open arms and made her feel so comfortable and I couldn’t be more grateful. If I need London in nursery earlier or to stay later the girls are extremely flexible and so understanding. The worker have really proved themselves since lockdown and have been so supportive the whole way through with every parent and I hope they are as grateful as I am. I highly recommend VIP Nursery and thank you for looking after my London like she’s your own, you truly are amazing. ❤️

K. Seymour 15-09-2020

My daughter has been at VIP Pre-School for just over a year and I could not be more thrilled with her development. She has become independent while her own character has been encouraged and nurtured in a safe environment. The play and learning activities are varied and the outdoor space is great. The flexible hours suit me as a working mum, and the location is great for drop off and pick ups.

C. Hockley 01-10-2020

There is not a place on earth I would have rather my children spend so much time away from me in. The care they received was amazing, the preparation for school was outstanding, but above all it was like a home from home and my three were always happy when they were there. Thanks for everything!

D Graham 27-05-2021

My one year old daughter attends VIP nursery. When looking for a nursery for my daughter, I visited VIP and I instantly knew this was the nursery for her. The nursery teachers are brilliant and always willing to help. The nursery is a spacious open-plan area with plenty of activities for the children. It has a lovely garden with plenty of garden toys. My daughter has settled wonderfully and is always happy to go to VIP nursery.

K Bennett 23-05-2021

My daughter Marnie started recently. Being within the early years sector and managing nurseries for over 10 years I truly believed I wouldnt find a nursery I was happy with. I viewed so many and I just never felt that instant content and excited feeling. I wasn’t desperate for marnie to attend a nursery so went with an open mind & no pressure.

As soon as I initially queried over message I had a good vibe from Morgan. Then on the visit i walked in and I fell in love with it. It was homely, yet still had a nursery feel. The staff were friendly but not fake! The cleanliness and organisation massively stood out. (I looked through photos of it aswell and in the background it is always spotless, so it wasn’t tidied purely for my visit)

My main want from a nursery was low numbers. I didnt want her in a room of 30 children. I wanted much smaller. And whilst VIP is bigger than a childminders, the numbers are small enough for all staff, including the owner, to know all of the children individually.

I was so anxious as I had never left marnie, not even with family (2.5 yo) and as soon as she had her first settle session, I couldn’t wait for her to get started properly.

I now can’t wait to get the baby in 🤣🤣

K Bennett 07-01-2022 (Letter to Ofsted – Parental Feedback)

VIP preschool continues to be 100% the right decision for both my children. 

When I was originally looking for a nursery for my older daughter, I honestly didn’t believe I would find anywhere I liked. Having been managing day nurseries for years, it was difficult to get what I was used to out of my head. I was reluctant to send her to any nursery, however, with a new baby, she needed a break. I had looked at possibly every single nursery, preschool and childminder in Harlow and surrounding areas and they just wasn’t for us. 

When I made initial contact with the nursery, I spoke to Morgan. From that first moment of contact I was impressed. Her friendliness, yet professionalism was fantastic. 

I then went to view the nursery and met with Diane. And whole heartedly – the nursery and staff did not disappoint from the standard that Morgan had set. It was obvious that Morgan’s demeanour when we first spoke was not ‘fake.’ It was very apparent that Diane’s leadership skills ooze on to her staff. 

I fell in love with the nursery as soon as I saw it, I loved the homely feel, yet it still felt like a nursery environment. Which is exactly what I wanted. The size of the nursery was perfect. And the cleanliness was outstanding! Its what really stood out for me in the beginning. I could also tell that it wasn’t cleaned specifically for my viewing, as after some research on social media and the website (and looking at the backgrounds of the photos)  – it was very clear that the cleanliness is just standard practice for the staff. 

Diane was incredibly flexible with what they could offer, which I so desperately needed as I was ‘THAT’ parent. I had never left her with anyone at this point, so it was hard to not only let go of the reins a bit, but also find somewhere that understood that. Diane was (and continues to be) understanding, patient and tolerant of me. (it cant be easy!) 

My younger daughter has now joined and it’s a whole different ball game! She is much more of a ‘mummy’s girl’and it is very difficult to drop her off in the morning. However, the girls put me at ease and their confidence with both girls make it easier for me to go off and focus on what I am doing. 

I really believe the staff actually care for the children. Its obvious they enjoy being around them. Morgan is outstanding with my younger daughter, and whilst she hasn’t fully settled in yet – I believe Morgan is going to be her comfort person and will support her. 

Jess always shines in the mornings. My older daughter really likes her, and she is a great staff member to have greeting the parents. Nothing is ever too much trouble. 

Shaleen and Darci are a brilliant management team. A brilliant duo. Really approachable, and really proactive and hands on. Great modelling for the other staff. 

Shaleen and Morgan are outstanding key people for my girls, however, its such a tight knit group of staff that I would feel comfortable with anyone being their key person. They really know the girls personalities and individual traits. They are confident with their starting points and progress and work towards really relevant and appropriate next steps. 

Diane is clearly a wonderful leader of the setting. Staff turnover is always a tell tale sign of higher management, and the fact that not one staff member has left since we started speaks volumes. 

I am always in two minds whether or not to recommend VIP  – Yes it’s a fab nursery with fab staff and of course I would highly recommend, but also, its like hidden treasure I don’t want the whole world knowing about! 

Ultimately, they only deserve the best! Whilst an outstanding is amazing – it wouldn’t justify how truly amazing these girls and the nursery is! 

Katie Bennett

(Mum to Marnie & Binkie)