At VIP Nursery and Pre-School we have several policies and procedures in place to protect our children, staff and families, as well as help us understand and govern how our practice is implemented to ensure standards are met to a high standard continuously.

Our Policies


Here at VIP Nursery and Pre-School, our first and foremost priority and responsibility is the needs and safety of the children in our care. If our team has any concerns, we will report this to the relevant body immediately.

Prior to any tours taking place, we will kindly ask for your phone to be left at the door or for visitors to leave this in their car, this is to comply with our safeguarding policy. We have a secure entrance, where only those from inside the setting can open the door for anyone outside, this protects our children from opening the door or anyone who is not permitted to enter the setting.

We adhere and follow the local procedures that are in place and we at VIP Nursery and Pre-School are fully compliant with all the safety requirements, where all members of staff hold their first aid, safeguarding, prevent duty, FGM, food hygiene and more.


It is important for children that reasonable and appropriate boundaries are put into place to help manage behaviour, this is one vital aspect that we here at VIP Nursery and Pre-School acknowledge and adhere to. We believe that by providing and promoting a happy, calm, safe and secure environment, our children will understand and be encouraged to practice and develop the important social skills they require to progress within the community as they continue to grow.


Here at VIP Nursery and Pre-School we welcome children and their families from all cultural, religious and social cultures. We value the diversity of each culture’s lifestyle and family structures, where we aim to create a diverse learning environment to reflect the cultural and social diversity within our community.

EYFS and Parent Partnership

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the curriculum that applies to the early years, where it aims to raise the quality of provision in terms of both education and care. We strive to involve parents and their families in all aspects of their child’s development, working together in partnership in which communication is vital between both the parents and the setting.

Key Person

All our children are allocated a key person when they join with us. We ensure our staff members are fully committed, knowledgeable and experienced in identifying a child’s individual learning needs, allowing them to provide the best suited care, education and support to their key children.

Our team are all qualified above the standards required, enabling to be the most supportive and knowledgeable key carers we could ask for. Each key person is responsible for a group of children, where they will liaise with their key children’s family and maintaining, planning and tracking the children’s records of development and learning.

The records are to be used to support discussions with parents and to support the early identification of any child who may be experiencing difficulties in any area or who may have particular strengths.


We ask that all staff members wear our uniform, allowing for easy identification of practitioners for parents and children, we also offer uniform tops for our children. We offer this primarily for safety measures, especially on any daily trips, but it also helps the children feel equal to everyone and feel part of the VIP Family. These can be purchased from us directly for a small fee.


All of our team members who work with us are trained to recognise that all children have a right to access and be offered a broad and balanced curriculum, which allows them to be given equal opportunities to progress and learn at a pace that best suits their learning needs, learning style and individual abilities.

Children who are faced with obstacles and barriers to their own learning may possibly require further additional educational support and intervention to support their learning.

Here at VIP Nursery and Pre-School we whole heartedly support children with Special Education Needs (SEN) through external partnerships and in-depth training of our team.

All information regarding SEN is kept confidential and children’s development is not discussed with other children, parents or anyone who does not have direct care or responsibility for the child.